Corner Staple Binding

The most economical binding method, a staple is used in the corner to attached pages together.

Saddle Stitch Binding

This inexpensive method binds pages using two or more staples placed along a folded edge. Suitable for 60 pages or less, there is no printable spine with this option.

Wire Coil / Spiral Binding

A round plastic or metal coil is wound through the pages to hold them together. Pages bound this way can be opened 360 degrees and can remain flat when open. Available in black (standard) and other colors including PMS.

Wire O Binding

Also known as twin-loop binding or double-loop binding. A wire is threaded through small holes in the edge of the paper. The result is very similar in look and function to coil binding. A variety of colors are available.

Perfect Binding

A paper cover wraps around the pages and glued to the spine. The cover forms the front, spine and back. Popular for paperback and softcover books, this method results in a professional appearance. Suitable for most book types and sizes.

Post Binding

Metal screw-together posts are inserted into holes drill through the stack of paper. holding them together.